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24th (2009) Festival takes place from 18th to 20th September

Still all FREE except main Saturday Night Gig which is still just £5.00 on the door!

Click Programme for details

Artists include ...


The Anyways

Archie McAllister & Ian 'Stretch' McFadden

Twisted Melons

The Disguisers

The Democrats

The Keelies

The New Jolly Beggars

Keep'er Lit

Alex Wayt

The Wild Sarachs

The Den Collective


Caragh Sinclair and Lauren Prentice


No Nightmares

Ramon Raiz

Sir Mick Swagger

Neil McClafferty


- more TBA -

watch this space for more details of 2009 festival

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In honour of the 'Homecoming Scotland' celebrations of the 250th Anniversary of the birth of our national bard, Robert Burns, we would welcome your submissions of poetry - we will publish the best here, like this example from Our good friend Donny Graham.



 (An Address to My Burns Night 'Drouthie Croanies', in Milngavie and the Blane Valley)


                                    Scots wha dae the Burns circuit

                                    Scots wha hae the haggis dirk'it

                                    Scots wham ne'er a dram hae shirk'it

                                                                        in his name

                                    Let us birl jist yin last bucket

                                                            thain get hame.


                                    Scots wha say the Selkirk grace

                                    Scots wha stuff their ain wee face

                                    Scots wha lose the bluidy place

an' ba’ an' babble

                                    Sune ye'll sink wioot a trace

ablaw the table.


                                    Scots wha's great 'Immortal Memories'

                                    Praise oor Bard an' damn his enemies

                                    Guid Scotch drink has made sic men o' ye's

a' will heed ye

                                    Nane wad daur tae tak a len o' ye's

nane wad need tae.


                                    Scots wha stagger tae their feet

                                    Scots wha toast the lassies sweet

                                    Scots bung fu' o' whisky neat

and warm affection

                                    Sune sall a' yer passes meet

wi’ cauld rejection.


                                    Scots wha choke upon the chanter

                                    Scots wha murder 'Tam O' Shanter'

                                    How ye'll greet when yon auld ranter

                        sings "Pint O' Wine"

                                    Thain sooks the dregs oot your decanter

                        for Auld Lang Syne.


                                    Scots wha lurch oot howffs an' ha's

                                    Scots wha bounce aff concrete wa's

                                    Scots wha prove a' Newton's laws

                        wi’ their momentum

                                    A trow, if Rabbie never was,

                        Scots wad invent him!



© Copyright  'Poetry Pairtly Scots'  Donald Munro Graham


Our thanks again to Donny Graham for the following poem - Donny wrote to say "The idea for the attached poem came to me while sitting in the beer garden of the Victoria Hotel and looking across to the castle where my tent was pitched for the duration of the 2006 music festival"


(A Tale from the Tarbert Music Festival 2006)

 Ae day A went tae pitch ma tent
i the gruns o' Tarbert Castle
But first A'd asked the Tourist Board
Wha said t'wad be nae hassle.

But ne'er again dae A intend
On sic an expedition
For t'was nae lark, when efter dark
A saw this apparition.

It dreeped doon frae the castle wa'
A'  glowin' green an' slimy
Thain made its way doon tae the bay
An'  breenged intae the briny.

Next day, A never cracked a licht
Aboot it, for ma thinkin'
Was if A had, they'd cry me mad
Or ask whit A'd been drinkin'.

Well as for me, A wish tae see
Nae mair phantasmagoria
Sae come next year, A'll stick tae beer
An' stey - at the Victoria!

© Copyright  'Poetry Pairtly Scots'  Donald Munro Graham
- reproduced by permission

2008 Line up included

Face the West
Twisted Melons
The New Jolly Beggars
Unkle Remus

The Keelies
The Assassenachs

The Anvil Divers
The Wild Sarachs


Open Stage

The Den Collective
The Anyways

Jennifer Concannon
Alex Wayt

click here for more details of the individual artists / bands

Thanks to our sponsors, Tarbert is still mainly a free festival - there is a small admission fee for the main gig in the Marquee on Saturday Night (the only gig we charge for - no tickets needed - pay at the door) and a collection to cover costs - please give generously! We really need your help to keep the festival going


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