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Den Collective

A fluid Membership, but last time I looked it was:

Stuart Thomson -Vocals/Guitar/Pipes/Synth

Andrew Rattrie -Vocals/Guitar/Bass/Organ/

James Sommervile -Guitar/Piano

Micheal Quigley -Guitar/Synth

Euan Smith -

Many thanks to Ratz for his help with the sound for many of the bands last year, when The Den Collective were a big hit at Tarbert Music Festival. We look forward to hearing them again this Year.

The band have all been a part of other musical entities including REM, Pearl Jam, Pantera and also Oasis. Sadly these bands musical directions we not satisfactory and The Den Collective was created. While combining work in a moog extraction plant with heinous crimes commited against humanity the music your hear was created.

One unnamed member of the band has even moved to a different country to distance himself from the controversy generated. The Den Collective look forward to including chemical biology during the songwriting process in the future.

The Den Collectives' very own 'master' is indeed just that, creating music which I hope you will agree is very scrall. He can be found under the moniker Jules Vern's Wet Dream and can be seen in front of the mirror with his hair straightners at around 8am on a work day.

Luckily enough The Den Collective also managed to find a reincarnation of Jimi Hendrix minus the hair and the blackness, but with the musical talent. 'Smy Hendrixs' diminutive nature (stature) belies his capacity to consume vast quantities of green on a daily basis.... shabba!

The writer of this bio has omitted to mention himself and will leave this task up to another bandmate to leave a fitting epitaph.

Please enjoy The Den Collective site and if you don't.... buy some oatcakes instead.

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