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Lynsey Dolan - Vocals/acoustic guitar
Sheryl Hunter - Backing vocals/percussion
Greg Barnes - Keyboards/trumpet/backing vocals
Brian Rawson - Electric/acoustic guitar/backing vocals
Ian Fulton - Bass guitar
Ryan Ross - Drums

Ok, here’s the pitch, it’s a new band and they’re going be huge. I mean this is going to be the biggest thing since……. since the last big thing! Featuring Lynsey Dolan, a new star in the making.  She’s beautiful and has talent to spare. She can sing, she can write, she can play and she looks fabulous.  Think Janis Joplin meets KT meets Sheryl Crow sitting down to lunch.

Plot …..   Lynsey has paid her dues, backing the likes of Lulu and SAHB, she’s done some radio, some TV, but now she wants to do her own thing. Carefully and cunningly Lynsey cooks up a plan to rid the world of evil, manufactured pap and replace it with sassy, intelligent pop.

Putting her plan into motion, Lynsey hand picks five accomplices, each one an expert in their field. Once assembled, they become known as The Lynsey Dolan Band. A force for good, a force for justice, a force to be reckoned with!

The Lynsey Dolan Band soon find themselves embroiled in a world of cool licks and hot riffs, exploring romance and drama, happiness and heartache, good times and integrity.  They end up making music that owes as much to the Mississippi Delta as it does to Urban Folk, but here’s the twist….these guys don’t come from the States, they come from Glasgow, the hottest breeding ground for new talent in the UK.

This is one show you don’t want to miss!

See and hear them at their own site by clicking here

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