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The Wild Sarachs

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About The Wild Sarachs
Based in Campbeltown, Kintyre, in the West Highlands of Scotland, The Wild Sarachs have been around now for a couple of years championing their own particular brand of turbo-dreich music. Possessing a level of agility and self-assurance more commonly associated with musicians twice their age, the band pretty much keep their own council and rarely smile. Resolutely unfashionable, The Sarachs bring together a fresh mixture of old and new songs from Kintyre, classic folk-rock, a smattering of Americana and a few slices of original material which are beginning to creep into the repetoire. One of their best tricks is to gratuitously shoe-horn Gaelic waltzes into spaces where they shouldn't really be without looking too smug about it. Based around the pure voice of Anne Leith, the band have created a timeless sound that is rooted in the past yet somehow is bang up to date. The combination of twin acoustic guitars, mandolin, fiddle, bouzouki, double bass and harmony vocals can hardly be described as unique yet there is a definite sense that the listener can only be listening to The Wild Sarachs.

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