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Who'd think Renfrewshire's rolling rural hills could be hiding a band that rocks like this?! What am I talking about? Now there's a question! What you can be certain of is: the sublime, soulful vocals of the one and only Noel McCormack - this man's voice has to be heard, quite simply. For once, allow your expectations of a singer to be high, for this guy never disappoints. At home in rock, pop, blues, country, folk - you name it. And he writes a damn fine tune too! And... Roy McLellan on guitar takes a clutch of classic rock influences (Pete Townshend, James Dean Bradfield, Andy Summers, BB King, Rothery, The Edge, Steve Jones - the list goes on) and forces them through a unique and idiosyncratic, mincer to create a meaty, beaty, big and bouncy rock burger. Sink your teeth in! But it's all nothing without... ... the solid, rounded hardwood of Mark Waterson's weighty but nimble bass rumblings. This man has oodles of experience on the live scene - put your ear to the ground between Glasgow and Greenock and that mellow, hypnotic rumbling you hear is most likely a reverberation of Mark's measured, mesmeric metre. It's an earthquake that leaves the buildings intact and the heart melted. And last but not least, in the engine room with Mark, the dynamic, cultured yet explosive drumming of the one and only Robert Purse. Robert is a classically-trained and sought after musician who has played with the likes of Hue and Cry, and still trots the globe with the BBC Symphony Orchestra. A high pedigree indeed, and one can tell from the first paradiddle. This guy's playing is like a machine gun with a graphic equalizer, a colour control, a discreet setting and a soft eject. With a nuclear bomb or two hidden about its person. Come and hear this guy and press his Big Red Button!

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